Virus Series

Welcome to Medigraytion's Virus Series. If you are new to our site, welcome. We will be adding virus Medigraytions to the series in the near future. While viruses are not overall negative energy in our body, if a virus hijacks enough cells and replicates itself to the point of domination, then the body can be in trouble.  The virus Medigraytions in this series work to help you keep a balanced relationship with the viruses that have become a part of your system. Many of the Medigraytions in this series also deal with the energetics of boundaries and protecting oneself. (Medigraytion is a consciousness tool, not a medical tool, and should be used as a supplement, not as a substitute, for all medical care you are receiving for coronavirus).
Tip: View the anatomy guide next to each Medigraytion.      Listen to each track for 1-2 Weeks for maximal efficacy.
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Virus Series —
Seven Tips for an Expert Medigraytion Practice Free
1. Eradicating Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)Free
2. Respiratory and Immune Support for Coronavirus (COVID)