About Medigraytion

Dr. Laura Graye is a cutting-edge innovator and researcher in the burgeoning field of vibrational medicine. Her gentle heart and boundless energy guides clients from life-limiting beliefs and experiences to a healthier and more purposeful sense of being by utilizing her powerful intuitive capabilities, her knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and neuropsychology, and her comprehension of the quantum human experience.Laura has created hundreds of Medigraytions for her own conditions and those of her clients. She understands that to bridge the power of the subtle energy of consciousness to our physicality, we can use the brain’s ability to reorganize and recreate itself by forming new neural connections.

Laura holds a Master of Science from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, and a Ph.D with a concentration in Quantum Medicine and Consciousness. She also holds a Certificate in Energy Medicine.

History of Medigraytion

These medical meditations, aka “Medigraytions,” have been a long time dream of Dr. Laura Graye. As a freshman in college, Laura found herself with a serious case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. On the umpteenth trip from her car to check the locked door she was sure was still unlocked, Laura knew something was seriously off kilter in her brain. In an attempt to heal herself, she researched the metabolic pathways scientists believed at the time led to OCD. Working to design her own personal medical meditation, Laura studied the pathways created by the chemicals and receptor neurons and how a condition like OCD was created in the body physiologically, emotionally and mentally. Using her own mindful consciousness, Laura knew she could use subtle energy to deconstruct and reconstruct neural pathways in her brain and in the body’s messaging mechanism to the brain, called interoception. Over 30 days of nightly “Medigraytions” during which she meditatively blocked the excess serotonin receptors that were causing her OCD, calmed her neural pathways, and shifted her interoception, she cured herself of OCD. This was in 1986, 20 years before neural plasticity would be proven by science.