Misophonia Series

Congratulations! You've taken the best step toward resolving your Misophonia!  Imagine no longer needing to avoid social settings or covering your ears with headphones and music.   Using the Misophonia Medigraytion Series, you will be supported to bring consciousness to your auditory cortex, your insular cortex, and your nervous system--areas where the dysfunctional Misophonia reactions are believed to be programmed and stored.   With that awareness, you'll be guided to release old dysfunctional patterns of neural firing and begin to calm the reactions to outside stimuli. Medigraytion is a consciousness tool, not a medical tool and should be used as a supplement, not as a substitute, for all medical care you are receiving for misophonia.
Tip: View the anatomy guide next to each Medigraytion.      Listen to each track for 1-2 Weeks for maximal efficacy.
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Misophonia Series —
7 Tips for an Expert Medigraytion PracticeFree
1. Changing the Misophonia Response in Your Insular Cortex
2. Calming your Misophonia Nervous System
3. Moving Misophonia Anger and Overwhelm