Emotion Series

Welcome to the Emotion Series. At its completion, this will be a powerful group of Medigraytions designed to help you release somatic emotional energy that has been repressed in your cells, tissue and organs. Some Medigraytions will connect you to an emotional consciousness and some will bring you directly into your body to meet your personal emotional experiences. As you move through the Emotion Series allow your experience of releasing emotions to possibly include emotions handed down through your ancestral lineage and the emotions repressed in the collective unconscious. It all helps! (Medigraytion is a consciousness tool, not a medical tool, and should be used as a supplement, not as a substitute, for medical care you are receiving).
Tip: View the anatomy guide next to each Medigraytion.      Listen to each track for 1-2 Weeks for maximal efficacy.
By listening to each Medigraytion, you agree to our terms.
Emotion Series —
1. Seven Tips for an Expert Medigraytion PracticeFree
2. Meeting and Releasing Grief
3. Accessing Internal and Eternal Trust
4. Releasing Shame from Your Body