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Understanding Your Intuition

Dedicated to: Lak’isha, a magical and beautiful intuiter.

Intuition is our most powerful sense. Greater than taste, touch, sight, feel, or hearing. It is a sense so close to omnipotence it can entrain itself through all five of the main “lower” senses. We can intuit through the vibrations of taste, the vibrations of sight, the vibrations of feel or the vibrations of hearing. And intuition needs none of those senses to deliver it’s message.

Intuition can make it to your consciousness on it’s own with no physical transporter-it is not created in the three dimensional reality we understand. It is a sense so powerful that for most, it can be wildly scary. It is also a sense which is often mistakenly lumped into the internal senses such as common sense, emotional sense, logical sense. Intution can not be categorized in this manner.

Intuition is most easily — but not only — found where the physicality of the body intersects to the GREATER mind. The GREATER mind which is not understood from the 3-dimensional reality we believe we live in. Intuition comes from the GREATER mind which does not always reside inside your brain, though it can be a guest anytime you invite intuition to land there. Intuition does not always reside inside your body, though again, it can be a guest anytime you invite it. Intuition is the part of “you” which is non-linear, connected to a place where time, duration and space don’t operate as we know it.

To access greater intuition, begin to practice the following:

  1. Clean yourself of toxins (chemical, emotional, environmental) so intuition may flow more readily through your body.
  2. Try to separate beliefs and unconscious mental patterns from true intuition. Work on bringing your shadow to consciousness.
  3. Meditate to find a calm sense of self without thought. Mediation is not always “Om’ing”. Mediation can be many forms of experiences which bring you to a zone of calm; drawing, playing music, walking, exercise, staring out a window, and cooking can all be meditative.
  4. Move deep into your body and begin to communicate with your organs, glands, cells and atoms. Speak to them. Listen to them. They are a stadium full of vibrational energy waiting to do the wave and they hold an enormous amount of intuitive information.
  5. Practice being open to the GREATER mind which flows through the subtle energy in the ether. Welcome these vibrations of intelligence.

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