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Train Your Microbiome Before it Trains You…or has it Already?

Group Think. Monopolies. The Majority….Not so Great.

Unique Thought. Diversity. A Blended Population….Much Better!

The parallel need for political rebalancing at the same time medical science is recognizing the importance of a balanced, diversified, blended microbiome population has not gone unnoticed. Nor has the parallel of how populations of bacteria and pathogens in the Human Microbiome often try to dominate and starve off the other populations just as in humanity the same is often attempted by the majority. There’s no need for this, internally or externally.  How do you dis-create this personal and political monopolization on an individual level? How can you make a difference in the human collective?  Be the change you want to see in the world; start with your own Microbiome community. Create a balanced, diverse, and peaceful working microbiome to create health in your body and your mind.

Were we all to do this on the individual level, it would be reflected at the collective level. We would  begin to see the micro shifts create the macro shifts toward a positive peaceful balanced global diversity. One conscious conversation at at time.

Here is a link to a free Consciousness Microbiome:

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