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Is your liver angry? Go ahead and ask it!

Don’t Laugh. Really Try This:

1.) Close your eyes. Now, feel the right side of your body, inside, underneath your ribs. Do you feel a weight or heaviness? That is likely your liver.

2.) Now focus on your liver. Try to personify it. Is it a girl liver or a boy liver? Ask him/her if they are angry. Seriously, your liver and your own consciousness speak the same language. Sometimes it’s called Interoception. Sometimes it’s just plain consciousness.

3.) Now, ask your liver what it is angry about. Be curious.

4.) Finally, ask your liver what you can do to get rid of some of it’s anger. Amazingly, your liver is going to have a more complete answer than your mind.

For all the times you’ve held in your anger, it’s had to be stored and processed through your body. And much of it is stored and processed as subtle energy in your liver. This makes sense since your liver is a powerhouse of transforming raw material into needed products for your body. It’s the largest processing center you have; performing more than 500 different tasks! So what to do with all this pent up anger? Well, first, know that just like you, your liver has consciousness. And just like you, it feels good to be heard when you are angry. It feels good for someone to understand your perspective. So do the same for your liver. Ask it what it is angry about. Ask it what it has been holding for you. Then work it out between the two of you.

Then, for two weeks, try a free sample of our Medigraytion for Liver Detox, which includes moving anger out!

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