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If you are not speaking your truth, you may be hurting your thyroid!

We all know the physical feeling of holding down tears in our throat. And, a lot of us know first hand how much we hold back our truth and/or hold back expressing our emotions. When we do this mentally and emotionally, we may also do this physically, unintentionally stagnating the area around our thyroid. That stagnated energy can add to the likelihood of issues with our thyroid, like hypothyroidism.

The thyroid is very important: It is the only gland in our entire body which converts iodine. And Iodine is the only element which can be converted into the molecules (T3/T4) we need to transform energy in every single cell in our body. Every. Single. Cell. We need our thyroid to balance our metabolism, to cool or heat ourselves to 98.6 degrees, and to regulate our weight. We need our thyroid!!

If you struggle with Hypothyroidism or if you struggle with speaking your truth or expressing your emotions…Here’s a link to a quick Free Sample Medigraytion: You Can Speak Your Truth Medigraytion for Hypothyroidism. Try it out for two weeks free to see if speaking your truth becomes easier!

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