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How to Easily Understand Quantum Entanglement

If we break quantum entanglement down to the basics, it’s not a hard concept. It is something we humans are doing every second of every day, even while we are asleep, so we might as well try to understand it.

Let’s start with the word quantum. For the sake of understanding, let’s define quantum as a measurement of vibrations you can not see; something so small it is invisible to the human eye.

Now the word entanglement. For the sake of understanding, let’s define entanglement as the act of connecting and merging. So quantum entanglement is the act of connecting and merging vibrations you can not see.

Next, we can bring that concept home, to our own minds, to how we connect and merge with vibrations we can not see. Here is where the mind can begin to sway, so hang in there. This connecting and merging to vibrations we can not see is the Concept of Consciousness. This is thebasis of all being.

Concept of Consciousness Analogy

To conceptualize this, I think the best analogy is the internet. Imagine each website on the internet is a human. And, now imagine the IP address identifying each website would parallel the DNA identifying a human (shared IP addresses would be like identical twins).

Then there is underlying coding which creates the IP address. And in humans, there is underlying proteins which create the DNA. And, for the website, the foundation of coding is numbers. Numbers define a vibrational property. Numbers make meaning of vibrations. In humans, underneath the coding of our proteins is Consciousness. Consciousness makes meaning of vibrations. (Note: Consciousness actually made the meaning of the meaning that was made from numbers).

Consciousness, as the ground of being, “floats around in unmeaning” (possibility) until the vibration lands in a human mind and collapses into a thought….and creates a meaning. Think of a roulette wheel spinning, spinning until the ball lands in the right/wrong color and number slot and then there is meaning. I have won or I have lost.

Now, getting back to quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement is thus the merging and connecting of the vibrations of Consciousness which we can not see. If we go back to the internet analogy, as you search the internet racing from your IP address to another IP address, you entangle with all kinds of cookies, codes, viruses, information, etc. This is what is happening 24/7 with humans. We are constantly entangling with Consciousness.

Types of Quantum Entanglement in Consciousness

There are three basic types of quantum entanglement in which humans engage:

  • Collective Quantum Entanglement: This is connecting and merging with the vibration of a group. For example, if you are human, there is absolutely no way you can avoid being entangled with the collective human consciousness. It is the ground of your being. It is how you make meaning.
  • One-On-One Quantum Entanglement: This is the connecting and merging with the vibration of another person. We don’t readily realize just how much our vibrations entangle with others; locally and non-locally (meaning whether they are right there next to you or across the globe). When we are connected to another person, we are running a constant entanglement that we are somewhat unaware of at this point in evolution.
  • Individual Quantum Entanglement: This is when an individual connects and merges with consciousness itself. This is making meaning by creating. You, by being connected to Consciousness, access possibility and collapse that possibility into your brain and you create. Consciousness has just created meaning through you.

The most important aspect to drive home is that Consciousness is creating meaning through us. It does this by providing possibility as waves. And when these waves of possibility hit a human mind and become entangled, those waves collapses into observed particles and becomes reality.

Our minds are actually physical nets to catch Consciousness. Some minds allow for greater expansion of Consciousness (more flexible netting). Some minds are more like limiting traps ( more rigid netting), which is why many people can not become much more Conscious than they are. They literally have a built in mechanism in the wiring of their brain which only allows for a certain limited collapse. This is typical due to conditioning. However, we all have limited collapsing ability at this point in evolution.

But, that limited code can be rewritten.

By reshaping the design of our minds, releasing the limitations, or the conditioning of our brains, we can expand our ability to collapse waves of possibility. And, when we do that…..anything is possible.

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