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How to Better Your Writing Skills Immediately by Plugging into The Collective Consciousness of Medium Writers. (Promise this is not an ad for Medium)

I am a Medical Intuitive by profession. To do my job well, I must stay clean, clear and proficiently aware of the mental, emotional and physical vibrations coursing through me. It’s a silent internal professional athletic performance. I need to work constantly, almost every minute of the day, to smooth any mental and emotional blocks and to move any lack of flow out of my system so I may “whiteboard” my own energetic vibration to note other systems’ variance. It’s presence on crack. There are enormous challenges and amazing advantages to this level of consciousness. Canary in the Coal Mine of life, on a good day, I am able to feel the slightest of difference in energetics-down to the distinction between iron and calcium vibrating in the body. Great for my work, a little more distracting when I am sitting next to an anemic person at a dinner party. To best describe the energetic awareness which comes through me, you can liken it to the act of internalizing the experience of being outside when a cloud covers the sun and you suddenly notice without sound, the dramatic undeniable change in the light/dark, cool/warmth of your surroundings. My moment by moment experience is made up lightning fast shifts of sun, cloud, sun, cloud, sun, cloud, sun.
That background is only to set the context and hopefully provide credibility to the presence, and also to our ability to harness, the subtle energy of Collective Consciousness; which some may not feel as easily.

Now to the point…..
The other day, I was writing offline in Pages and decided to move my draft post to the Medium desktop app. I cut and pasted the draft into the app and and immediately I felt that sun, cloud, sun, cloud shift. Exactly as I pasted my writing, I could feel the energy of the Collective Conscious of Medium Writers. I had plugged into this Collective and felt the flow of my thoughts and a ease with the “medium” of writing. I took advantage of the shift and drafted - the bicycle drafting not the writing drafting - behind the Collective Consciousness of Medium Writers for the rest of my article. The difference was remarkable. The flow of energy, the way words came to me, the way I was able to stay focused and organize my thoughts in a steady, linear fashion. I tested my theory five times; writing offline as I normally had, moving the draft to the Medium app, and noting the difference in flow, ease, and time spent editing. The sixth time, I super-powered it by plugging directly into the top ten Medium writers. Wow. They are a brilliant bunch of fast-writing, easeful-word-finding, constructively-editing artists.
But don’t trust my ability to feel this. Try it yourself. Here’s how:

1. Begin writing offline to make sure you gather your own intuitive wisdom and ideas first.

2. Mid-writing, cut and paste your draft into the Medium app. Pay close attention to that moment right when you paste the draft. You should notice an immediate difference in your clarity; a lightness.

3. Begin writing. See how your style changes. Feel how words come easier. Note how you writing confidence is higher.

4. Congratulate yourself for being one of the many who are able to feel consciously, a collective vibration running through your body.
5. Bring that miracle into everything you do. Consciously join other Collectives to boost your abilities: The Collective Conscious of The Highest Integrity, The Collective Conscious of the Emotional Intelligence Specialists, The Collective Conscious of those who scored 1600 on the SATs, whatever it is you want, join it.

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