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Our Individual Realities are Vibrationally Creating the Greater Human Reality

There are approximately 7.7 billion different human realities vibrating on earth right now creating the existence of the collective human consciousness. Metaphorically, think about a cake and how each individual speck of sugar, salt, flour, and egg collectively makes that cake. Our personal realities are the specks of flour or sugar or salt. The Greater Reality is the cake. Right now, in human evolution, we are in the mixing stage of Cake Consciousness. People still mostly identify as salt, flour, or sugar. Most of us don’t experience the Cake Essence, yet many of us somehow know we are part of a larger recipe.

Being an active participant of the Greater Reality, we should take responsibility for how our individual reality effects the Greater Reality. To do this, you may first need to recognize how your own reality is created. This isn’t woo-woo, new age reality making. This is the science of neural plasticity and quantum mechanics in your brain creating your perspective. Understanding how you create your individual reality may allow you to have more compassion for how you think, how you feel, how you act, how you relate, how you make mistakes, how you learn, how you memorize, and if you don’t love it…how you can change your reality. Most importantly, understanding how you create your reality can give you greater compassion for how others have created their reality…regardless of whether you love their reality or not.

Reality is defined as “a state of being or things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of how they exist.” The definition creates a problem right away because most all of our realities come from the notion of thoughts and ideas. Unless we have consciously experienced Oneness, we are essentially living in an imagined reality; a little teeny tiny perspective of a sliver of the Greater Reality. Very few of us have experienced the true state of being as it actually exists, and so we are left to conjure an imagined reality made up of only our personal experiences.

If we are on the side of somewhat aware, maybe we understand our reality to be one reality in a stew of realities. That is a good step, but in stew, the ingredients are still pretty much separate. The carrots stay carrots, the potatoes stay potatoes. In a cake, there is a oneness of the ingredients. No longer can you identify the flour, the salt, the sugar. The individual vibrations have become an alchemically different experience.

How do we mechanically, technically develop our realities?

There is definitely something more mystical going on, but for the sake of this article, we will focus on the physical mechanics. Individual realities are a recipe of a myriad of vibrational ingredients which over a lifetime, create our neural pathways. These neural pathways fire and wire in our brain, creating our thoughts, which create our neurochemistry, which creates our emotions, which shapes our behavior, which creates our experiences. Then the whole process loops around again with our experiences creating our thoughts, which creates our neurochemistry …on and on. Thus, your reality is born and grown throughout your life.

The vibrational ingredients which contribute to the making of your unique reality comes from the trillions of neural experiences you have in your lifetime-and some even before you are born. The trillions of experiences include every single vibration which lands in your field and fires your neural synapses. To compile a lifetime of experiences creating your reality, your brain houses close to 100 billion neurons, connected to 10,000 other neurons, and those neurons fire up to 50 messages between one another per second.

To make this comprehensible, imagine if Instagram had 100 billion users (remember, there are only 7.7 billion people in the world). Then, imagine that each and every one of the 100 billion users had 10,000 followers. And, imagine that every single second, every Instagram user posted 50 times. 50 times per second! And they repeatedly posted at this rate for all the seconds in their life. That is what our brains are doing to create our personal reality!!

Finally, imagine that there are 7.7 billion different social media platforms similar to Instagram, each with their own 100 billion users posting 50 times a second. That is the collective consciousness!!

Back to understanding the individual reality. If we were to take two perfectly identical beings (there are no perfectly identical beings) and have them spend one single minute separately, they would come back at the end of that one minute having had 300,000,000,000 different vibrational pieces of information inform their system. They could now be 300 billion vibrations different from one another! In just one minute. And that is how different each of our realities are. No wonder we often feel alone until we feel Oneness.

Where does all this vibrational information come from?

The vibrational information collapsing into your neural pathways comes from a myriad of sources; your DNA, your ancestral lineage, your upbringing, your trauma, your thoughts, your culture, your family, your friends, the food you eat, the chemicals with which you mingle, the barometric pressure, the temperature, the television you watch, the books you read, the emotions you make inside yourself. Even the pull of gravity at the time of your birth is imprinted on your newly opened nervous system. All of these vibrations move and infuse into your field, collapsing into your neurons and cells, creating the vibrational song that is you.

Then your brain creates a warm electrochemical translational soup. That neurochemical soup runs down your nervous system, through your body, out into your muscles, tissues, and cells and loops back up to your brain. This is you manifesting you, your perspective, and your own reality. You are at every moment an electrochemical vibrating blob.

And the whole lot of 7.7 billion electrochemical vibrating human blobs blend together to make the most incredibly delicious massive electrochemical vibrating Cake of Consciousness.

Now we just need our individual and collective consciousness’ to decide what flavor frosting.

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