Friends & Family Medigraytion

Single: $195

Series: $750

Time to mend those family fences and put your extensive list of Facebook friends to good use. Accommodating 2 to 1,000 participants, Friends and Family Medigraytions add the incredible healing power of love to the potent partnership of science and consciousness. Available on a weekly or monthly basis, Friends and Family Medigraytions unite each participant’s unique vibrational frequency into the highest intelligence of healing energy the group can create.

Medigraytions are a potent partnership of medical science and your own consciousness, allowing a greater intelligence to create new neural pathways and cellular health. Medigraytions literally can transform the chemistry and physiology of your body, creating the healthiest possible you.

P.S. It doesn’t hurt.

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Purchasing a Personalized Medigraytion, Friends & Family Medigraytion or Camaraderie Call-In Medigraytion requires connecting with Laura personally. Laura will contact you within three days of receiving your order to discuss details, process, and to answer any questions. Happy Medigrayting!