Camaraderie Call-ins

Single: $20

Camaraderie reigns. Sometimes, no one other than someone else dealing with the same condition can resonate as well with us. These Medigraytions are designed for specific populations, all dealing with the same disease or condition, be it high blood pressure, migraines, lung cancer, or heart disease. You also can build your own Camaraderie Call-In Medigraytion if one does not yet exist for your condition. Using the energy of the group and the highest vibration to heal the condition, participants collaborate to create a collective healing consciousness and higher health intelligence for everyone.

P.S. It doesn’t hurt.

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Purchasing a Personalized Medigraytion, Friends & Family Medigraytion or Camaraderie Call-In Medigraytion requires connecting with Laura personally. Laura will contact you within three days of receiving your order to discuss details, process, and to answer any questions. Happy Medigrayting!