How It Works

How Medigraytions work is simple. Your mind and body already know how to do it, and together they do it every day.

What’s Included

Though Meditation itself has been around for eons…..Medigraytion is a pioneering new concept and to make the concept more approachable, we designed a supporting cast of visual and auditory assistants. The Intro (an auditory preamble), The Resource Guide ( a visual guide of anatomy) and The Core Components (an auditory pre-meditation) are not necessary for Medigraytion success, however, we do feel they compliment the full healing potential of the Medigraytion.


The Intro is a brief but detailed summary unique to each Medigraytion Series. Along with an explanation of how Medigraytions work in general, each Intro specifically describes the body systems, organs, cells and body-mind connection addressed in that particular Medigraytion. The body-mind connection denotes the deeper meaning to the manifestation of the condition affecting the body; for example, “auto immune issues likely manifest from personal boundary issues.”

Simply put, the Intro is a comprehensive overview of your Medigraytion and designed to help you to become familiar with the anatomical and physiological vocabulary involved. Do you know how many different immune cells there are in your body? A lot. And they all have different functions. Listen to the Intro!

Resource Guide

This one is for all of you visual learners out there. The Resource Guide offers a step-by-step visual story of each Medigraytion, including illustrations of organs, systems, cells, bone marrow, and more. Not everyone would recognize a thymus if it were walking down the street, yet recognizing what your thymus looks like can be helpful for visualization during a Medigraytion. We’ve got your back (and your thymus, and your kidneys) on this!

Core Components

The easiest explanation of this piece is that the Core Components are a 15 minute guided-meditation which we have researched and found to be highly effective in bringing the listener to the most effective state of consciousness to receive the Medigraytion. There are 4 core components blended together and offered as a stand alone audio file designed to help you connect to yourself and gently ease you into your body. Each component sequentially enhances and complements the others. The 1) Breath Component helps you to connect to yourself, and begin to ground into your body. The 2) Gravity Component invites full grounding into the physical body, organ by organ and bone by bone. 3) Connecting to Subtle Energy (our instant consciousness retrieval and conveyance system) and 4) Health Influencers (metabolism, biochemistry, hormones, genes and our environment) bring your ethereal self into connection with your physical self, setting the stage for the partnership of science and consciousness to work its Medigraytion Magic.
Laura’s Tip: If you are a solid meditator and don’t need a lot of foreplay to get embodied, go ahead and dig right into the Medigraytion.


The Medigraytion itself is a 15-20 minute medical meditation. Laura’s voice creatively guides you through your anatomy and physiology, establishing relationships by creating conscious dialogue between you and your liver, pancreas, T-cells, microbiome, etc… Think of Laura as a matchmaker, introducing your mind to your body for a healthy, happy, and connected lifetime partnership!


Minigraytions are like powerful sound bites of healing, offering a deep focus on the unique specificities of the condition. No less potent and effective than the full Medigraytion, Minigraytions are 6-8 minutes in duration and can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.