How It Works

How Medigraytions work is simple. Your mind and body already know how to do it, and together they do it every day.

How it Works

Have you ever had a conversation with your body? Have you ever actually sat down and talked to your liver or your stomach? If you meditate you know you need to be mindful of your breath. Follow your breath, stay with your breath, right? So what if you could extend that same mindfulness to your organs, your cells, your DNA? Every day we consciously dialogue with our body to direct it to stand up, get dressed, go to the store, and a million other actions. These conscious conversations create a domino effect in our subconscious that creates mechanical operation of our body to do whatever we’ve directed it to do. Our conscious thought creates an action result. We literally think it and our body responds. Powerful, right?

There is scientific research to support that when we take a subconscious act of our body like breathing and we bring conscious awareness to it, like during meditation where we modulate our breath, it creates mindfulness, peace, and healing in the body. There is scientific research to support this. Not just a temple full of om’ing buddhists, but real science. So… if consciousness and awareness of our breath creates mindfulness, wouldn’t that suggest that consciousness and awareness of our cells, organs, and glands will be the most powerful creation of mindfulness and healing that one could have?

Medigraytions simply bring the everyday subconscious dialogue between mind and body to a conscious level and use that dialogue to heal disease by reminding your organs, tissues, and glands of their highest purpose and function.

Meditation proves mindfulness and mindfulness proves health, so bring health to your body through Medigraytions!