The Medigraytions are anywhere from 30-40 minutes long.

The Medigraytions are best done reclined while in a chair or lying flat.

Truly, as often as you can. At least once daily for a month or two. It is easy, but not a magic pill. The more you listen, the more consciousness you will be bringing to the area of focus.

That is okay. You’ll get better with time. Promise. if you lose track or fall asleep, just pick up where you come back in, or go back and start from where you dropped off.

Hang in there. Your intention, whether you specifically understand the science behind the Medigraytion or not, can be powerful enough to bring you through the areas you don’t understand. Also, each Medigraytion comes with a resource guide that offers illustrations and further information on the medical condition.

Absolutely. This is how Medigraytions actually started. For more information, see our Personalized Medigraytions.

No worries. You can start back at the beginning or pick up from where you left off. Or both.

Most people do, but some do not. It might be as simple as feeling more relaxed or it could be a sense of greater energy. Some listeners report shifts in their awareness/consciousness in the days following listening to the Medigraytions. There are others who experience physical changes right away. 


You will receive an email, separate from your order confirmation, with a link and instructions to download your Medigraytion(s).

Yes, you can download your Medigraytion and put it on as many devices as you would like.