Begun as a one-off to heal my OCD when I was 18 years old, the idea of Medigraytion enjoyed a 25 year gestation period; can you imagine the swelling in my ankles? I knew when the time came, I would need help in the “delivery room”. Allow me to introduce to you the hard working, phenomenally gifted, group of people who brought the vision of Medigraytion.com to life. While there were others whose effort is genuinely appreciated (a big thank you to Ian, Greg, Denise, Julie, Stuart and Code Theory) the contributors below land in the category of really-could-not-have-done-this-without-them.

Amy Mercury

Amy’s actual title is literally Director of Everything Else; she really does manage everything else that I am not directing. And somehow, that includes me. Amy’s contribution to Medigraytion is seen on every page of this website. She is the copywriter, she spent endless hours building the back-of-the-house matrix we use to manage the library of conditions, and she’s involved in every single recording of every single medigraytion. It is amazing to witness Amy picking up a new skill; she watches it, she learns it, she integrates it and boom, she’s an expert. Most importantly, she is my very best friend and confidante. For copywriting for your own project… contact Amy.

Lyndsay Mazzola

While I state Amy manages everything else which I am not directing, Lyndsay really, truly is the one who brought this entire website together. She is a design extraordinaire. She sat with the Team for days upon days bringing our vision of the brand, the design, the illustrations, the colors, the copy, the templates for every page of this website together. She paid attention to the littlest details that make the most difference. Lyndsay has an incredible ability to take a dozen ideas and concisely synthesize them all together in a seamless package-all while adhering to the most polished professional work ethic (including deadline making like I’ve never seen). No hyperbole here…it would be close to impossible to find anyone more competent than Lyndsay. If you are in the market for someone to bring your vision together and manifest it into a real-time website or another medium, contact Lyndsay.

Anne Braunstein

A Team always needs that ultimate steadfast supporter and team player. This is Anne. She’s been by my side for more than nine years cheering me on and taking pieces of my work and slowly anchoring them to one another in an effort to stabilize the vision of medigraytions. I’m not one to want my face on the cover of a magazine (I even fought the idea of a headshot ) and Anne did her best to bring me and the vision I had to the world. Her ability to see the big-picture usability of a website created what I believe to be one of the simplest models of one of the most complex matrix of information out there on the internet. Need user design and website wireframe help… contact Anne.

Brandon Lau

Early on, while we were designing the medigraytions it became apparent we needed musical scores to complete the experience. We created this entire project with no outside investors, so money was something of which we needed to be mindful. In one of the brainstorming sessions I had with Amy, we came up with the idea of putting an ad on the student alumni list serve at Berklee College of Music here in Boston. In an effort to vet out the musicians who were really hungry to compose, we listed the job as an unpaid internship. Brandon was one of 45 composer students and alumni who applied in just the first week. Intuitively, I picked his application out as the one for us and he has been absolutely incredible to work with (and don’t worry, we ended up paying him for his work). His awareness of music and how to compose ambient sound is remarkable. But, even more of a bonus is what a phenomenal teacher he has been to us as far as bringing an amicable, easeful, kind, willing, thoughtful, creative approach to everything he has done for medigraytion.com. If you need any kind of music composed, please reach out to Brandon at blau1@berklee.edu.

Kellie McDonald

We went through the same process for our illustrations as we did for Brandon and the music. This brought us to find Kellie, a Mass Art student, for our resident illustrator. Honestly, we could not have found a better match. Kellie has been focused on children’s illustrations but had a yearning to get closer to the art of medical and anatomical illustrations. And we wanted anatomical illustrations which were clean, young, and simple-almost a little like children’s book illustrations and ……viola’. Kellie has been magnificent to work with. She is this quiet, steadfast, hardworking, creative genius with a glimmer of impishness in her eye that tells you no matter how straight an arrow you think she might be, she has the bandwidth to capture the broadest and deepest concepts and bring them to fruition. Trying to conceptualize the whole brand in an illustration seemed like something we’d never be able to convey and in pretty much one dinner conversation with the Creative Team, Kellie captured all our ideas and synthesized them into one simple but powerful image. If you need a magnificent illustrator, Kellie can be connected with on her website, contact Kellie.