About Medigraytion.com

Created by Laura Graye, Medigraytions are medical meditations based on real science, human neural plasticity (aka neuroplasticity), consciousness and the understanding of quantum energy. We now know changing your physicality can be done by changing the firing of the neurons that send the chemicals to cells in your body.

Medigraytions are simple…but not the quick fix. If you want real change and real healing, there is no more profound way to access your own consciousness and heal yourself.

About Laura Graye

Laura Graye is a cutting-edge innovator and researcher in the burgeoning field of vibrational medicine. Laura has a thriving clinical practice in Boston MA, and is the creator of Medigraytion, a pioneering new way to heal oneself through the blended power of medical science, meditation, neural plasticity, and one’s own consciousness.

Laura has created hundreds of Medigraytions for her own conditions and those of her clients. She understands that to bridge the power of the subtle energy of consciousness to our physicality, we can use the brain’s ability to reorganize and recreate itself by forming new neural connections.

How does she do it? Due in part to a rare genetic condition, osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease), which results in reduced levels of collagen; a building block of almost everything in your body (your bone, skin, hair, muscle, fascia, and epithelial tissue), Laura is especially equipped to feel, sense and conduct subtle energy. Have you ever heard the expressions, “I can feel it in my bones,” “He’s thinned skinned,” or “I’ve got a gut feeling”? These well known cliches support the scientific theory that collagen may play an important role in our body’s connective dialogue with our brain and the Universe. Working with doctors and other scientists, Laura has conducted extensive research into how her condition expands her ability to “collapse” subtle vibrational energy into her body structure and bring it to consciousness.

Laura holds a Master of Science from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, and is a candidate for a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and a Ph.D in Quantum Medicine. She also holds a Certificate in Energy Medicine.